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Jennifer Martin

Voiceover Artist

I love to laugh.  It's who I am.  And it's how I navigate through my life.  As a result, my work is joyful, exuberant and uplifting.  Every character created comes from a place that is naturally sprinkled with loud bursts of vibrant energy.

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My Services

Voiceover Artist offering a range of professional services. Learn more about the options I provide below and feel free to book the service that best suits your needs.

As a Black, English-speaking Canadian with West-Indian & Chinese heritage, I am able to bring diverse interpretations into your scripts.

My voice quality has range options & character ages include young girls to adolescent males to a plethora of strong female characteristics.


Animation & Characters

Bringing your scripted words and characters to life is so exciting!

Working as part of your team, I look forward to collaborating with you to give your creations a voice that they can call their own.  From first drafts to ADR, I will work with you to find whatever magic is needed to make your character's personality, nature & presence on the screen seem larger than life.

Have a listen and let's make the page come alive!


I can relate to kids.  Not only do I have one, I married an old one (at heart) as well.

By big booming personality, combined with my naturally animated disposition gets kids to notice me and take interest in what I have to say!  This is something which I have crafted over the years and helped hone during my years as a TV host on a kids' show.

From children's books, to animated characters aimed at early childhood education - I can help you reach your young target audience no matter how little or big they may be.



When it comes to commercials, I'm not only a voice artist....I am the target.

As a mother, wife & daughter, I know a little bit about what's needed to tie emotions to products and services - for me, understanding what it takes to get people to pause, take notice and act is simply second nature.

From announcer read, to character driven, I can help you craft the voice of your script to stand out and deliver the result you're looking for.

Public Service Announcements

It's just me.

Plain and simple.  Sometimes raw, always authentic, never insincere.

I will help you speak to someone's heart, inspire them to take action and make people care when many others don't.  Crafting a tone and voice that speaks with natural compassion.  Let us work together to create the messaging that matters more and delivers results - because that is how it's supposed to be.

Listen, learn, love.

Book and Headphones


Turn the page, tell a story.

Together we can make the pages come alive.  Every letter, syllable and enunciation helps tell the bigger story - so let me lend you the voice that paints a picture that will fill the minds-eye with details and emotions that captures the essence of audio books the way they were meant to be read.

Young or old, excitable or calm, educational or pure fiction....together, we can turn everyday words into living worlds.

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Reach out to me

at Premier Artists' Management

Available for all types of voice over work.

Premier Artists' Management

287 Bering Ave

Toronto, Canada


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